Robots Taking Over Your Job?

Do you silently worry that in a few years time you will become obsolete with robots taking over your job? Who knows just how much automation will take over from us human folk!

Apparently there’s some new data from research house AlphaBeta and the news is good. There won’t be so much a ‘take over’, it will be more like a ‘move over’. The way in which jobs are done will change and there will be more time for people to do the things that only people can, while the robots get to do the boring repetitive stuff. Most jobs will change by about 20%, though some are in for a mighty shake up.

I don’t know about you but I’m relieved! I had visions of some smart metallic monster sitting at my desk and sharing all this cool stuff with everyone, but now I know they’ll be sitting in the corner filling my printer and sharpening my pencils instead.

If you’d like to find out how your job industry will fare in the not to distant and automated future, ABC News has a news page where you can ‘Search For Your Job’. It has an extensive list and you’re sure to be on it, so check it out if you’re game!

More great info from AlphaBeta below ….